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Fan Shaft Bearing Maintenance

Ball Bearings

Seasonal shutdown and start-up – When shutting your unit down for an extended period and before starting up after an extended shutdown, always purge the fan shaft bearings with new grease.

Lubrication Schedule

Induced draft products – Lubricate the bearings at least every three months.
Forced draft products – Lubricate the bearings every 2000 hours of operation or every three months, whichever occurs first.


Bearings should only be lubricated with a hand grease gun. When lubricating, purge the old grease from the bearing by gradually adding grease until a bead of new grease appears at the bearing seal.

Type of Grease

Only use one of the following greases, as they are compatible with the grease installed at the factory:

  • Amoco – Rycon Premium #3
  • Chevron – SRI
  • Citgo – Polyurea MP2™
  • Conoco – Polyurea 2™
  • Exxon – Polyurex® EM
  • Exxon – Unirex N™
  • Mobil – Mobilgrease® AW2
  • Shell – Alvania RL3™
  • Shell – Alvania #3
  • Shell – Dolium “R”
  • SKF – LGHP2™
  • Unocal 76 – Unilife Grease™

Sleeve Bearings

Prior to start-up and during the first week of operation, the bearing oil cup must be refilled with an industrial-type mineral oil to saturate the wick in the bearing reservoir. After the initial start-up, fill the bearing oil cup every 1000 operating hours or every six months.

Type of Oil

0 ºF to 110 ºF – BAC # 582628P1, normal temperature range
-25 ºF to 30 ºF – BAC #582627P1, low temperature range


BAC Caution Tip

Do not use oils containing detergents. Detergent oils will remove the graphite in the bearing sleeve and cause bearing failure.

Do not use high pressure grease guns as they may rupture the bearing seals.