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BAC Mechanical Vibration Cutout Switches (VCOS)

  • The vibration setpoint adjustment is accessible externally. Turning the setpoint adjustment clockwise (CW) increases the vibration setpoint.
  • When the switch is shipped from the factory, the setpoint adjustment is set to 2g when installed in the vertical position and 1g when installed in the horizontal position (with reference to the setpoint adjustment shaft).
  • To check factory calibration, place the unmounted unit in your hand and rotate per Diagram D. The switch(es) should activate at dead bottom position. If necessary, adjust setpoint using setpoint adjustment screw.
  • To preset switch at other than factory setpoint, start with step three (3) and then rotate adjustment screw 1/8 turn per g until you reach the required set point.
  • To adjust setpoint when installed on the machine, mount and wire the unit. Reset the switch by depressing the reset plunger and start the machine. When the machine has reached full speed, slowly turn the vibration setpoint adjustment counter clockwise until the switch tips. Then turn the adjustment clockwise a small amount (approx. 1/8 turn). Try to reset the switch; if the switch does not reset, turn another 1/8 turn clockwise and repeat in increments of 1/8 turn until you are able to reset the switch. Reset the switch and restart the machine to determine whether the machine starting roughness will cause the switch to trip, in which case it may be necessary to increase the setpoint.

Typical Installation Diagram

Diagram D

Contact your local BAC Representative for more information.