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BAC Parts


Retrofit and Rejuvenate Your Equipment

BAC offers a variety of retrofit kits and accessories to rejuvenate or maximize the performance of your evaporative cooling equipment. Whether your unit appears to be on its last leg or brand new, BAC parts and retrofit kits are available to bring it back to life or add features to meet the needs of your projects.


  • Increase performance
  • and efficiency
  • Restore lost performance

Ease of Maintenance

  • Safety and access items
  • Serviceability upgrades

Operational Items

  • Capacity control and redundancy
  • Controls


  • Reduced sound levels

BAC Tech Tip

If contemplating whether to repair or replace your tower, always compare the complete installed cost of the replacement tower with the installed cost of the repair. A good rule of thumb is that the installed cost of a replacement tower is between 2 and 2-1/2 times the cost of the tower alone.