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BAC Parts

External Service Platforms

  • OSHA-compliant
  • Simplify maintenance
  • Available in complete engineered kits
  • External service platforms allow for easy access to hot water basin or spray distribution systems

The need may arise to inspect the water distribution system to make sure nozzles are clean and the water level is evenly distributed over the heat transfer section. This can be easily accomplished from the louver face. To facilitate this, BAC offers, as one alternative means of access, a complete line of OSHA-compliant louver face platforms (with ladder) for all crossflow towers.

If the tower is on a raised steel support, the access door may not be easily accessible. For this situation, BAC offers access door platforms, with ladder. For counterflow products, BAC offers catwalk packages for one or all sides of the fill or coil casing.

BAC Maintenance Tip

Newer tower designs do not require routine maintenance on the fan deck and not much room is available on the surface. Louver face platforms allow easy to access that area in the event it becomes necessary.