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BAC Parts

Hardware and Miscellaneous Fittings

BAC has everything needed to complete the repair of your equipment. Whether you need hardware, connection fittings, sealer and caulking, or touch-up finishes, BAC has what you need. All of these products have been designed and tested for long life in the cooling tower environment.

Consider “simple” hardware like tappers, nuts, bolts, and washers. These items are made especially for BAC and are more corrosion-resistant than those available elsewhere. BAC R&D has selected and specified a special coating for these items consisting of a phosphate/zinc/epoxy material with an aluminum topcoat. Nothing lasts longer except stainless steel, which is also available where applicable.

BAC also offers an array of through-the-wall fittings to provide leak-free installation of controls and retrofits below the waterline, as well as sealer and caulking materials that has been proven in years of cooling tower service.

For minor corrosion repair, BAC offers zinc-rich coatings as well as epoxy touch-up materials.

Other components such as access doors and gaskets, as well as door handles and large, easy to grasp knobs, are also available to improve accessibility to the equipment.