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BAC Parts

Increase the Capacity of Your Cooling Tower

  • Gain capacity without the challenges of unit replacement
  • Save time and money
  • Maximize your current investment

As the cooling load of your building or process may change over time, there may be a need to increase capacity, add redundancy to the tower, use different methods of capacity control, or operate year-round instead of only during the air conditioning season. BAC has solutions for each of these situations.

Increase Capacity – There are several ways to increase capacity on BAC equipment. It is often possible to add more fill to a unit or install a larger cooling coil. In addition, a larger fan motor is often available to provide more airflow.

BAC Maintenance Tip

Contact your BAC Representative to discuss your options on increasing capacity, including whether it is better to retrofit or replace your tower. Economics, along with new technologies, may often lead to a retrofit decision instead of a replacement.