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BAC Parts

Internal Walkways and Service Platforms

  • OSHA-compliant
  • Keep feet dry
  • Easy access to drive components
  • Internal walkways and internal platforms and ladders provide easy access to drive components

Routine access is required to the interior of crossflow cooling towers for such things as strainer cleaning, water level adjustment, bearing lubrication and belt tensioning. Due to the large volume of water in the cold water basin, it is generally not desirable to drain the basin (except seasonally for shutdown or cleaning) saving on both water and chemical costs.

To facilitate access for these maintenance items, BAC can provide a galvanized steel walkway located between the two access doors. This provides a permanent working surface that keeps maintenance personnel dry and happy.

For two-piece units, an internal ladder and raised service platform with handrails is also available for access to motor, drives and bearings. These components extend from the internal walkway up to the mechanicals and spans the interior of the tower, eliminating the need to bring a separate ladder into the tower to perform maintenance.

BAC Maintenance Tip

If maintenance is difficult, inconvenient, or uncomfortable to perform, it probably will not be performed. Options that make access and maintenance easier help to ensure maintenance is performed as needed, and not ignored.