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BAC Parts

Low Sound Alternatives

  • Intake and discharge attenuation packages are available
  • Fully factory-tested and rated
  • Can be used in conjunction with low sound fan options
  • Available on both counterflow and crossflow products

Many new installations use the newest crossflow technology. Crossflow products use propeller type axial fans for low energy consumption. A higher sound level may be noticeable when an axial fan (crossflow) unit replaces a centrifugal fan counterflow unit.

If you are in this situation or have neighbors or tenants that are sensitive to these sound levels, BAC can supply special wide-chord, low RPM fans and/or apply sound attenuation packages to greatly reduce sound levels in every direction.

Contact your BAC Representative for sound rating information and assistance.


BAC Tech Tip

Many replacement towers utilize axial fans instead of equipment centrifugal fans. Axial fans produce higher sound levels than centrifugal fans. Contact your local BAC Representative for sound ratings and sound solutions. Click here for more information on sound.