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BAC Parts

VersaCross® Replacement Fill improves thermal performance of the original fill by an average of 7.3% and 10% on other Manufacturers’ block fill.

  • Outstanding thermal performance will meet or exceed the performance of any OEM fill
  • Fits most crossflow towers
  • Quick and easy field installation saves labor
  • Nested shipment requires smallest fill staging area and low shipping costs
  • Model-specific kits contain everything needed for an efficient installation, including detailed instructions, supports, hardware, and fill
  • 2-week standard lead time

BAC Tech Tip

Block fill is not recommended for use in BAC’s crossflow cooling products and may decrease the thermal capacity of the unit by 10%.

Customer Benefits

  • Only replacement hanging fill on the market
  • Designed to meet or exceed original performance specifications
  • Lower shipping costs versus block fill
  • Nested shipments require smaller staging areas
  • Fill fits in most Class A freight elevators
  • Shorter lead time than block fill

Integrated Custom Features

  • Includes integral louvers and drift eliminators to eliminate splashout and drift
  • Formed from 15 mil self-extinguishing PVC
  • Fits most BAC crossflow towers
  • Suitable for maximum entering water temperature of 130˚F