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BAC Parts
Water Distribution

Suction Strainers

  • 3/16” strainer perforations help keep the system clean
  • Strainer perforations are spaced to provide maximum strainer free area for low pump suction losses
  • Anti-cavitation design prevents air from reaching the system pump

BAC offers many styles of suction strainers and suction hoods for just about any application. Proper strainer design is critical to the total system operation. It provides protection for the pump and keeps debris out of the condenser water loop. BAC strainers are designed to offer optimum system protection while still providing a full 50% free area to allow efficient system pump operation. Also important, the anti-cavitation design is built into all BAC strainers. This keeps air from entering the piping that would cause pump cavitation.

BAC Maintenance Tip

It is important to maintain a clean suction strainer at all times for proper system operation. A clogged strainer will cause low system flow and pump operation problems.