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With performance enhancements of over 20% versus the previous generation, the all new FXV3 is the largest modular closed circuit cooling tower on the market. The FXV3 is CTI Certified, IBC compliant, and FM approved. XE (Extreme Efficiency) models are also available with energy efficiency levels at least three times the minimum requirements established in ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2016.

Reduced Operating Costs

  • The highest performance in the industry in a single unit enables reduced HP while maintaining the same heat transfer
  • Optional ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System provides energy savings and reliability
  • Combined Flow Technology provides the highest efficiency with the lowest
    maintenance cost and energy consumption
  • Up to 40% reduction of total cost of ownership with the XE Models
  • CTI Certification for both water and glycol, eliminates the need for field thermal
    performance testing costs
  • Closed loop cooling minimizes process fouling, maintaining process efficiency

    Multi-Cell FXV3 Installation Showing Simplified Piping

    Multi-Cell FXV3 Installation Showing Simplified Piping

Improved Reliability

  • Upgraded seismic and wind load capabilities to meet requirements in North America
  • Optional ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System backed by a 7 year warranty
  • Welded, not bolted, Stainless Steel basin reduces potential for leaks and increases
    the life of the unit (optional)
  • Coils fabricated per ASME B31.5 standards
  • Scale reducing technology increases system efficiency
  • Heavy duty premium efficient motors are standard
  • Coils shipping into Canada are available with CRN

    Now Even Larger Oversized Access Doors

    Now Even Larger Oversized Access Doors

Cost Effective Installation

  • Higher capacity packs more cooling into smaller footprints resulting in reduced installation cost, space, weight and maintenance
  • Modular design minimizes site installation (half the lead time of field erected units)
  • Dual air intakes allow for simple steel designs and layout flexibility
  • Half the number of coil connections save time and material on piping, welding and valves
  • Flexibility of coil connection location simplifies piping
  • Single fan and motor reduces wiring and controls
  • Built in rigging guides allow for fast rigging
  • Factory pre-assembled external platforms reduces installation time (optional)
    Standard Rigging Guides

    Standard Rigging Guides

Lowest Operating Costs

  • 40% reduction in operating cost for an 550-Ton system
  • Payback of less than 2 years

Application Assurance

  • At least 3 times more efficient than minimum energy requirements in ASHRAE 90.1-2016
  • Extends the life of the mechanical drive components (minimum L10 bearing life 190,000 hours, 40% longer than
    the standard FXV3)

Reduced Sound Levels

  • Sound reduction up to 50% (3 dB)
  • Fans optimized to minimize sound levels and maximize efficiency
  • Additional sound reducing options available
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