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The PFi Closed Circuit Cooling Tower with the OptiCoil™ System increases capacity by up to 30% or more*, enabling the PFi model line to achieve either the lowest total installed cost or the lowest total cost of ownership*. XE (Extreme Efficiency) models are also available with energy efficiency levels of up to five times the minimum requirements established in ASHRAE 90.1-2013, to further lower energy costs and reduce sound levels. The PFi model line with its patent-pending OptiCoil System, provides flexibility to meet the needs of owners, contractors, and engineers by bringing the most value to new or replacement applications where dry operation is a priority.

* Compared to traditional induced draft counterflow style closed circuit cooling towers

PFi Closed Circuit Cooling Towers are available with capacities from 18 to 360 nominal tons in a single cell with up to 5,709 USGPM for process applications. Multiple cell units are also available.

BAC’s PFi: The Efficient Solution for Dry Operation

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