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Low Energy Consumption

  • Evaporative cooling equipment minimizes the energy consumption of the entire system because it provides lower condenser water temperatures. Owners save money while conserving natural resources and reducing environmental impact.
  • The FXT provides the heat rejection required at the lowest possible energy input via:
    • High efficiency, low horsepower axial fans
    • High efficiency BACross® Fill, which provides maximum air/water contact time at low air pressure drops
    • Premium efficient/inverter duty fan motors
    • Variable frequency drives (optional)
    • All units meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 energy efficiency requirements.

Low Installed Cost

Single Piece Lift

Single Piece Lift

  • Single piece lift
  • Ships completely assembled, minimizing installation time and cost
    • No motors to mount
    • No sheaves to align
    • No belts to install
    • No make-up system to assemble

Easy Maintenance

  • Motor Location – The fan motor is located on the exterior of the unit for easy maintenance and belt adjustment. On most models, a single threaded bolt and nut assembly further simplifies belt adjustment.
  • Basin Covers – Basin covers are standard keeping debris from entering the hot water basin.
  • Easy Lubrication – Extended lubrication lines are provided as standard on the exterior of the unit for bearing lubrication.
  • Easy Access – An access door makes access to the interior of the unit is accessible through a circular access door for adjusting the float valve, cleaning the strainer, or flushing the basin.

Access Door

Long Service Life

  • Materials of Construction – Various materials are available to meet the corrosion resistance, unit operating life, and budgetary requirements of any project.
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