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Model Selection
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Easy-To-Use Selection software

BAC offers, easy-to-use selection software to assist you in the selection and evaluation of evaporative cooling products. In addition to cataloged models, CTI Certified alternate-horsepower selections are also available from the selection software. The program provides equipment specifications, engineering data, performance curves, layout recommendations, sound data and other information to aid in selecting the best BAC product for your application.

Cooling Tower Selections

All cooling tower models in the selection program are included in the CTI Thermal performance certification program. The selection program also provides the ability to make selections outside the scope of CTI Thermal performance certification criteria. BAC warrants the thermal performance of all cooling tower selections made by the selection program, whether or not under the scope of the certification program.

Product selections often contain reserve capacity at the design conditions. The selection program can optimize the performance of a unit at specified conditions. Select a unit for design conditions, and then maximize flow rate, hot and cold water temperatures, wet-bulb temperature or approach.

Flow Capacities at Standard Conditions

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