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Inclined Ladder

Inclined Ladder

Inclined Ladder

In the event the owner requires access to the mechanical plenum, but does not require a working surface, the PT2 can be furnished with an inclined ladder – a 75º angled ladder – extending from grade to the access door, providing safe access with minimal space requirements. All components are designed to meet OSHA requirements.

External Service Platform, Ladder, Safety Cage, and Gate


External Platform

For external service, an access door platform can be added to the cooling tower when the unit is purchased or as an aftermarket upgrade. Ladders, safety cages, and safety gates are also available. All components meet OSHA requirements.

Vibration Cutout Switch


Vibration Cutout Switch

A factory mounted vibration cutout switch is available to effectively protect against equipment failure due to excessive vibration of the mechanical equipment system. BAC can provide either a mechanical or solid-state electronic vibration cutout switch in a NEMA 4 enclosure to ensure reliable protection. Additional contacts can be provided on either switch type to activate an alarm.

Electric Water Level Control

Electric Water Level Control

Electric Water Level Control

The electric water level control replaces the standard mechanical make-up valve when more precise water level control is required. This package consists of a conductance-actuated level control mounted in the basin and a solenoid activated valve in the make-up water line. The valve is slow closing to minimize water hammer.

Equipment Controls

BAC control panels are specifically designed to work seamlessly with all BAC units and engineered to meet your particular application.

Single Point Wiring

A terminal box is available on all internal motor PT2 Cooling Towers (not available on models PT2-0709, PT2-0809, PT2-0812, and PT2-1218) and includes a factory-mounted enclosure, factory wiring to terminal blocks for the fan motors and vibration cut out switch, and grounding lugs.

Basin Sweeper Piping

Basin sweeper piping is an effective method of eliminating sediment that may collect in the cold water basin of the unit. A piping system is provided for connection to side stream filtration equipment (by others).

High Temperature Fill

If operation above 140°F (60.0°C) is anticipated, an optional high temperature fill material is available which increases the maximum allowable entering water temperature to 150°F (65.6°C).

Factory Mutual Approval

PT2 Cooling Towers are available with Factory Mutual (FM) Approved construction as an option.

Basin Heaters

Cooling towers exposed to below freezing ambient temperatures require protection to prevent freezing of the water in the cold water basin when the unit is idle. Factory-installed electric immersion heaters, which maintain +40°F (4.4°C) water temperature, are a simple and inexpensive way of providing such protection.

Heater kW Data

Model Numbers 0°F (-17.8°C) Ambient Heaters -20°F (-28.9°C) Ambient Heaters
Number of Heaters kW per Heater Number of Heaters kW per Heater
PT2-0412A 1 6 1 6
PT2-0709A 1 6 1 8
PT2-0809A 1 8 1 10
PT2-0812A 1 10 1 12
PT2-0814A 1 10 1 14
PT2-1009A 1 8 1 10
PT2-1012A 1 10 1 14
PT2-1212A 1 12 1 16
PT2-1214A 1 14 1 20
PT2-1218A 1 18 1 24

Note: The table data is based on 460V/3 phase/60HZ power and standard, single-cell configuration.

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