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Series 1500
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BAC’s Series 1500 Cooling Tower parallels the technology and successes of BAC’s Series 3000 Cooling Tower in a compact footprint. The Series 1500 Cooling Tower is the industry’s most serviceable unit without compromising performance and fit. Newly redesigned, the Series 1500 Cooling Tower offers Extreme Efficiency (XE) models which are at least two times more efficient than the minimum requirements established in ASHRAE 90.1 and further reduce the unit’s operating cost. Its serviceability, superior winter operation, and single air intake make it an outstanding choice for new installations and an ideal replacement unit.

Series 1500 Cooling Towers are available with capacities from 92 to 747 nominal tons in a single cell with up to 3,150 USGPM for process applications.

BAC’s Series 1500: No Compromise Tower

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