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XE Model Benefits
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The Series 1500 XE models are the newest addition to BAC’s Series 1500 Cooling Tower portfolio. They are tailored for projects that require extreme efficiency units to minimize energy costs, reduce sound levels, and help to contribute to LEED® Credits. Series 1500 XE models are at least two times more efficient than the minimum requirements established in ASHRAE Standard 90.1 – 2013.

Lowest Operating Costs

  • 50% reduction in operating costs for a 400-Ton system
  • Payback of approximately 2 years

Reduced Sound Levels

  • Additional sound reduction up to 50% (3dB)
  • Fans optimized to minimize sound levels and maximize efficiency
  • Additional sound reducing options available

Increased Operating Reliability

  • BALTIDRIVE® Power Train Fan System
  • 40% longer L10 bearing life than the standard Series 1500 models
  • 5-year motor and drive warranty

LEED® Certification Contributions

  • Industry leading energy efficiency
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Helps contribute to Energy and Atmosphere LEED® Credits (EAc1)

LEED® Point Breakdown for New Construction


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