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XE Model Benefits
Series 3000 Bookmark and Share

Lowering Operating Costs

  • 37.5% reduction in operating costs for a 500-Ton system
  • Payback of less than 2 years

500-Ton Selection Series 3000 vs. XE-Series 3000 Model Comparison of First Cost & Operating Cost

Note: Operating costs based on fan kW x $0.12kWh x 2500EFLH (equivalent full load hours) x 20 years (2011 ASHRAE Handbook HVAC Applications) x 3% per year energy inflation factor.

Reducing Sound Levels

  • Sound reduction up to 50% (3dB)
  • Fans optimized to minimize sound levels and maximize efficiency
  • Additional sound reducing options available

Increased Operating Reliability

  • BALTIDRIVE® Power Train Fan System
  • Extends the life of the mechanical drive components (minimum L10 bearing life 288,000 hours)
  • 5-year motor and drive warranty

LEED® Certification Contributions

  • Industry leading energy efficiencies
  • Provides energy cost savings
  • Contributions to Energy and Atmosphere LEED® Credit Points (EAc1)

LEED® Point Breakdown for New Construction


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