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Drive System Accessories

  • Extended Lubrication Lines (Option)  — Extended lubrication lines are available for lubrication of the fan shaft bearings. Fittings are located on the exterior casing panel, outside the fan section.
  • Vibration Cutout Switch (Option) — A factory mounted vibration cutout switch is available to effectively protect against rotating equipment failure. BAC can provide either a mechanical or solid-state electronic vibration cutout switch in a NEMA 4 enclosure to ensure reliable protection. Additional contacts can be provided on either switch type to activate an alarm. Remote reset capability is also available on either switch type.

Cold Water Basin Accessories

  • Standard  Mechanical Water Level Control —  Mechanical make-up valves must operate continuously in the moist and turbulent environment existing within evaporative cooling equipment. Due to this environment, the operation of the valve must be simple, and the valve must be durable. BAC’s high quality mechanical water level control assembly is standard with all units, and has been specially designed to provide the most reliable operation while being easy to maintain. This accessory is omitted for remote sump applications.
  • Electronic Water Level Control (Option) — BAC’s Electric Water Level Control (EWLC) is a state-of-the-art conductivity actuated, probe type liquid level control. The hermetically sealed EWLC is engineered and manufactured specifically for use in evaporative cooling systems and is equipped with an error code LED which illuminates to indicate status, including when the water and/or probes are dirty. The EWLC option replaces the standard mechanical make-up valve, and includes a slow closing, solenoid activated valve in the make-up water line to minimize water hammer. EWLC is recommended when more precise water level control is required and in areas that experience subfreezing conditions.
  • Side Outlet Depressed Sump Box (Option) — A side outlet depressed sump box is available for field installation below the base of the tower. This option facilitates horizontal piping below the basin, and is a compact alternative to using an elbow in the piping arrangement, saving on both installation time and cost. The outlet connection is designed to mate with an ASME Class 150 flat face flange. See the “Connection Guide” on page J176 for more information on standard and optional unit connection types.
  • Steam Coil and Steam Injector Basin Freeze Protection (Option) — Steam coils and steam injectors are available to provide basin freeze protection.
  • Basin Sweeper Piping (Option) — Basin sweeper piping is an effective method of reducing sediment that may collect in the cold water basin of the unit. A piping system is provided in the cold water basin to connect to side stream filtration equipment (provided by others). For more information on filtration systems, consult the Filtration Guide.
  • Low and High Level Alarms (Option) — Low and high level alarm float switches are available to provide added control to your equipment operation. Level alarms can alert operators to an abnormal operating condition to ensure the highest system efficiency with minimal water usage.
  • Basin Heaters (Option) — Evaporative cooling equipment exposed to below freezing ambient temperatures require protection to prevent freezing of the water in the cold water basin when the unit is idle. Factory-installed electric immersion heaters, which maintain 40°F (4.4°C) water temperature, are a simple and inexpensive way of providing such protection.

Heater kW Data

Model Numbers 0°F (-17.8°C) Ambient Heaters -20°F (-28.9°C) Ambient Heaters
Number of Heaters kW per Heater Number of Heaters kW per Heater
VTL-016-E to VTL-039-H 1 2 1 2
VTL-045-H to VTL-079-K 1 3 1 4
VTL-082-K to VTL-095-K 1 4 1 5
VTL-103-K to VTL-137-M 1 5 1 7
VTL-152-M to VTL-227-O 1 7 1 9
VTL-245-P to VTL-272-P 1 9 1 12
VT0-12-E to VT0-57-K 1 2 1 2
VT0-65-J to VT0-88-L 1 2 1 3
VT0-102-L to VT0-176-O 1 3 1 5
VT1-N209-P to VT1-N255-P 1 5 1 7
VT1-N301-Q to VT1-N395-R 1 7 1 10
VT1-N418-P to VT1-N510-P 2 5 2 7
VT1-M316-O to VT1-M420-R 1 8 1 10
VT1-M431-N to VT1-M610-P 1 12 2 7.5
VT1-M632-O to VT1-M840-R 2 8 2 10
VT1-M948-O to VT1-M1260-R 3 8 3 10
VT1-275-P to VT1-415-R 1 8 1 10
VT1-416-O to VT1-600-P 1 12 2 7
VT1-550-P to VT1-830-R 2 8 2 10
VT1-825-P to VT1-1335-S 3 8 3 10

Access Options

  • Handrail Packages and Ladders (Option) — Handrail packages and ladders are available to provide safe access to the top of the unit for maintenance to the distribution system. Galvanized steel eliminators provide a safe walking surface on top of the unit. Handrails, ladders, safety gates, and safety cages can be added at the time of order or as an aftermarket item.



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