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Low Environmental Impact

  •  Energy Efficient
    • All units meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 energy efficiency
    • Premium Efficient VFD compatible fan motors
    • BALTIGUARD™ Fan System provides redundancy and energy savings by providing a pony motor (option)
  • Sound Reduction Options
    • Centrifugal fans have inherently low sound characteristics
    • Factory designed sound attenuation is available for both the air intake and discharge (option)
    • Sound sensitive areas can be accommodated by facing the quiet blankoff panel to the sound sensitive direction

Durable Construction

  • Panels are constructed of rugged G-235 mill galvanized steel
  • Forced draft design protects moving parts
  • Various materials of construction are available to enhance longevity of the unit
  • PVC drift eliminators are impervious to rot, decay, and biological attack
  • Steel fill is available for high temperature applications (option)

Reliable Year-Round Operation

  • Cooling tower duty (TEFC) motors are backed by BAC’s 5-year warranty
  • Heavy duty bearings with a minimum L10 of 40,000 hours
  • V-Belt Drive System – Fan(s), motor(s), and drive(s) are located outside the air stream protecting them from moisture, condensation, and icing


    External V-Belt Drive System (Shown Here with Panel Removed)

Easy Maintenance

  • All moving parts are located near the base of the unit within easy reach for cleaning, lubrication, or adjustments
  • Grommeted nozzles are non-clogging to simplify the nozzle change and reduce maintenance time
  • Split fan housing for easy air moving component replacement
  • Extended lubrication lines minimize routine maintenance of the bearings (option)
  • Handrail packages, ladders, safety cages, and safety gates to access the top of the unit (option)


    The Water Level Control is Easily Reached from the Access Door

Easy Installation

  • Centrifugal fans are suitable for applications where external duct work and other sources of external static pressures exist
  • All Series V units can be located indoors
  • Low Profile (VTL) models can fit in mechanical rooms with low ceilings and are easily hidden behind louvered walls on buildings
  • Modular design allows larger units to ship in sections minimizing the size and weight of the heaviest lift
  • All models mount with ease on two parallel support I-beams
  • Low Profile (VTL) and some VT0 models can ship and rig in a single piece


    Low Profile Unit Shown in Contrast to a Standard Unit

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