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Custom Features & Options
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Construction Options

  • Standard Construction — G-235 mill galvanized steel is the heaviest commercially available galvanized steel, universally recognized for its strength and corrosion resistance. To assure long-life, G-235 mill galvanized steel is used as the standard material of construction for all units. All exposed cut edges are protected with a thick zinc coating after fabrication to ensure the thick zinc corrosion barrier is maintained for all over protection. With proper maintenance and water treatment, G-235 galvanized steel products will provide an excellent service life under the operating conditions normally encountered in comfort cooling and industrial applications.
  • Thermosetting Hybrid Polymer — A thermosetting hybrid polymer coating, used to extend equipment life, is applied to select G-235 mill galvanized steel components of the unit. The polymerized coating is baked onto the galvanized steel and creates a barrier to the already corrosion resistant galvanized steel. The thermosetting hybrid polymer has been tested to withstand 6,000 hours in a 5% salt spray without blistering, chipping, or loss of adhesion.
  • Stainless Steel (Options) — For applications where severe corrosive conditions exist or where exceptionally long equipment life is required, several material of construction options utilizing stainless steel are available.
    • Water Contact Stainless Steel Cold Water Basin — The cold water basin components below the overflow level are constructed of stainless steel.
    • Water Contact Stainless Steel Unit — The basin and water-contacted components below the overflow level in the basin are constructed of stainless steel. All principal steel components in the casing section will be constructed of galvanized steel as standard.
    • All Stainless Steel Construction — All steel panels and structural elements are constructed of stainless steel. Fans are protected with a thermosetting hybrid polymer.

Drive System Options

  • External V-Belt Drive — This BAC engineered external drive consists of centrifugal fan(s), motor(s), and drive system(s) located outside of the discharge airstream, protecting them from moisture, condensation, and icing. The drive system consists of a specially designed belts, taper lock sheaves, and premium efficient cooling tower duty motor to provide maximum performance.
  • BALTIGUARD™ Fan System (Option) — The BALTIGUARD™ Fan System consists of two standard single speed fan motor and drive assemblies. One drive assembly is sized for full speed and load, and the other is sized approximately 2/3 speed and consumes only 1/3 the design horsepower. This configuration allows the reserve capacity of a standby motor in the event of failure. As a minimum, approximately 70% capacity will be available from the low horsepower motor, even on a design wetbulb day. Controls and wiring are the same as those required for a two-speed, two-winding motor. Redundant motors are available by increasing the size of the standby fan motor of the BALTIGUARD™ Fan System to the size of the main motor, providing 100% motor redundancy. (Applicability dependent on motor size and model. Contact your local BAC Representative for more information.)


    BALTIGUARD™ Fan System

Multi-Cell Unit Options

  • Equalizer (Option) — Equalizer connections are available as an option for multi-cell cooling towers. Use of an equalizer allows for easy isolation of a cell for winter operation, maintenance, or inspection while continuing system operation. See Cooling Towers in Parallel for more information.


  • Standard Fill — Standard fill can be used in applications with entering water temperature up to 130°F (54.4°C). The fill and drift eliminators are formed from self-extinguishing PVC having a flame spread rating of 5 per ASTM E84.
  • High Temperature Fill (Option) — An optional high temperature fill material is available which increases the maximum allowable entering water temperature as high to 150°F (65.5°C).
  • Galvanized Steel Fill (Option) — Galvanized steel fill is available for high temperature, dirty water applications up to 170°F (76.6°C). The greater spacing between fill sheets allows for debris to pass through the fill section without clogging the heat transfer section. Steel fill also allows for pressure cleaning, as necessary.
  • Stainless Steel Fill (Option) — Stainless steel fill is a great option for high temperature, dirty water applications up to 170°F (76.6°C) or in corrosive environments that are not suitable for galvanized steel.

Shipping & Rigging

  • Knockdown Units (Option) — For the most demanding and inflexible rigging situations, all BAC units are available as knockdown units. Although these units ship disassembled, materials of construction and design features are exactly the same as those of a factory assembled unit. Knockdown units are available for jobs where access to the cooling tower location is limited by elevators, doorways, or similar obstacles, where lifting methods impose very strict weight limits, or where the shipping cost of a fully assembled tower is excessive.

Sound Options

  • Standard Fan — The standard centrifugal fan provided on Series V Cooling Towers is inherently quiet and is selected to optimize low sound levels.
  • Sound Attenuation (Option) — For extremely sound sensitive installations, factory designed, tested, and rated sound attenuation options are available for both the air intake and discharge. Consult your local BAC Representative regarding available options.

Air Intake Options

  • Air Intake Screens — The standard 1” x 1” wire mesh screen is factory-installed over the air intake to prevent debris from entering the tower.
  • Bottom Intake Screens (Option) — Series V Cooling Towers are available with factory-installed wire mesh screens over the bottom openings to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Solid Bottom Panels (Option) — Factory-installed bottom panels are required when intake air is ducted to the unit.

Air Discharge Options

  • Discharge Hoods (Option) — The tapered discharge hoods are designed to increase the discharge air velocity to avoid recirculation in extremely tight enclosures. Tapered hoods can be used to elevate the unit discharge above adjacent walls. A larger fan motor may be necessary when this option is provided.


    Unit with Intake and Discharge Attenuation

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