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Single Source Responsibility

BAC has designed the controls taking into consideration the exact specifications of the fan and spray pump motors, heaters and other accessories, providing you with a single source solution.


Indoor/Outdoor Applications

BAC offers a variety of enclosures for location flexibility; whether in a mechanical equipment room or outside next to the equipment.

Products Enclosure Type
Indoor Rated Outdoor Rated
NEMA 1 NEMA 2 (Dust Tight) NEMA 3R (Rainproof) NEMA 3R (Rainproof SST) NEMA 4 (Watertight) NEMA 4X (Watertight SST)
Combined Drive Enclosure
Enclosed Control
Safety Disconnect Switch
Terminal Box

Industrial Grade Components

IEC contactors are provided with all BAC combined drive enclosures. NEMA contactors are provided with all BAC standard enclosed controls (25 amps and above). Circuit breaker protection is provided for the main panel as well as separate circuit breakers for each motor. For multi-speed motors, additional circuit breakers are provided. Each control panel is UL/CSA or UL/CUL rated.

Easy Installation

Combined Drive Enclosures incorporate the VFD into the controls enclosure, offering a standardized, compact single enclosure, pre-wired for a single-point field connection. The fan motors, spray pump motors and other electrical accessories must be powered separately. Optional universal mounting kits and factory pre-wired unit mounted terminal boxes are also available for ease of panel mounting and field wiring. Contact your local BAC Representative for availability.


Energy Standard Compliance

BAC Controls can help you comply with the speed control requirements of current energy standards such as ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and California Title 24. These standards require all motors 7.5 HP and above to have the ability to run at 2/3 or less of full speed. BAC offers many alternatives to comply with this requirement, depending on your unique system needs. These methods include variable frequency drives, the BALTIGUARD™ and BALTIGUARD PLUS™ Fan Systems, or multi-speed motors. The automatic motor speed control requirements of these standards can be satisfied through the controllers and temperature/ pressure sensors available with BAC Controls for any of these methods.

BAC Factory Temperature/Pressure Sensor

BAC temperature and pressure sensors are factory tested and approved for compatibility with all BAC Control devices. High quality sensors provide accurate signals offering precise system control. Proper system control is crucial to operating your system at peak efficiency under all combinations of atmospheric and load conditions. Using a BAC provided sensor ensures reliable operation and peak efficiency for the life of your unit.


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