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Combined Drive Enclosure (CDE)

Combined Drive Enclosure includes BALTILOGIC Sequencing Software that is preprogrammed into the VFD to offer temperature based control of auxiliary fan motors (BALTIGUARD PLUS™). BALTILOGIC Sequencing Software also controls the spray pump starters, basin heaters, vibration cutout switches, electric water level control, and positive closure dampers. The combined drive enclosure is UL508A/CUL rated.


BALTILOGIC Sequencing Software

Baltilogic Controller

Baltilogic Controller

  • Simplified user interface allows quick and easy access to commonly adjusted parameters.
  • Incorporates updated start-up wizard to aid in field start-up.

Combined Drive Enclosure Cover Controls:

  • Easy to follow operator logic.
  • Complete auto control mode.
  • Hand mode for manual operation.
  • BAC Factory Start-up:
    • Ensures successful configuration and operation of BAC VFDs and Controls.
    • Extends standard two year (parts only) to three year warranty (parts and labor).

Standard VFD includes an enclosure, 24 VDC power supply, main circuit breaker, disconnect switch with lockable operator handle, 3-contactor bypass, modular cooling fan and a detachable, programmable VFD keypad. The standard VFD is UL508C/CSA rated.

3-Contactor Bypass is standard on all BAC drives. The input contactor electrically isolates the drive during bypass operation. The output and bypass contactors are mechanically interlocked to regulate power to the fan motor. The bypass allows for 100% fan speed operation back-up if the drive is not functional for any reason.

Standard Enclosed Controls

ASHRAE Unit Controls 013

Standard Enclosed Controls

BAC controls, designed with the highest grade components, are packed with operation-friendly features to ensure a long life expectancy and lower life cycle costs. The modular design of BAC panels allows for consistency across projects and simplifies upgrades or future replacements, yet can be customized to meet your particular application. The enclosed controls are UL 508A listed and CUL certified and are provided with a standard one year warranty (parts only).

Standard Panel with Auxiliary Fan Motor Starter(s) includes an enclosure, control power transformer, main circuit breaker, disconnect switch with lockable operator handle, hand-off-auto switch, run pilot lights for each starter, and full voltage, non-reversing starter with overload relay and double-break silver alloy contacts. (If fan requires reverse operation, use a VFD in lieu of a fan motor starter.

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