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Energy Savings and Reliability
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Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Milford 2005-01-18 025

VFDs offer many benefits including:

  • Precise leaving fluid temperature control provides a more efficient method to vary airflow compared to fan cycling, fan dampers, or mechanical speed changers.
  • Soft-starts, stops, and smooth accelerations prolong the mechanical system (fans, motors, belts, bearings, etc) life while reducing maintenance.
  • The soft-start feature minimizes start-up noise and smooth acceleration making the tower sound less noticeable to the neighbors.
  • Reduces wear on the motor.

The standard VFDs are UL 508C listed and CSA certified and are provided with a standard two year parts warranty. The combined drive enclosures are UL 508A listed and CUL certified. With factory certified start-up, parts warranty is extended to three years and includes a three year labor warranty.



The BALTIGUARD PLUS™ Fan System builds on the advantages of the BALTIGUARD™ Fan System by adding a VFD to either the pony or the main motor, depending on system requirements. This offers the benefits of additional capacity control and energy savings, along with the redundancy offered by the BALTIGUARD™ Fan System. Alternatively, a VFD can be added to BOTH the pony and main motor, for complete capacity control and redundancy under any load.

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