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Technology – Leadership

  • Patented Combined Flow Technology provides the highest capacity at the lowest refrigerant charge in the industry
  • Air and water flow in a parallel path, therefore eliminating scale-producing “hot spots” on the coil
  • Increased heat rejection occurs as the water flows over the fill, therefore lowering spray water temperatures
  • Meets wind and seismic requirements of the International Building Code through shake table testing. Rated to withstand a seismic event up to 2.40g and windloads up to 167 psf.
  • Premium efficient motors are standard and ready for VFD’s now or later

    Operating Charge

Installation Efficiency

  • Combined Flow Technology lowers installation and operating costs
    • Significantly lower refrigerant charge
    • Fewer coil connections and valves
    • Lower weights mean support steel can be reduced
    • Less overall piping connections and fewer supports
  • Pre-assembled platform package reduces installation time (option)
  • Single point wiring simplifies field installation (option)

Service – Maintenance

  • Oversized doors for access to the internal walkway
  • Spacious interior provides easy access to the basin, drift eliminators, coils, and drive system
  • Extended lubrication lines, internal walkway, and ladder (standard)
  • A water distribution system that makes service of the nozzles, spray branches, and headers possible without the need for tools
  • Motor davit system to facilitate motor removal (option)


    Easily Accessible Spray Water Distribution

Industrial Grade Construction

  • Materials of construction
    • Mill galvanized (G-235) steel construction (standard)
    • TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System encapsulates the hygienic basin with three barriers of protection (option)
  • Fully welded, not bolted, stainless steel basins (option)
  • All coils are fabricated to ASME B31.5 standards
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