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CXVT Benefits
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Reduced Operating Costs

  • The highest capacity in the industry in a single unit (540 – 2,114 R-717 tons)
  • Combined Flow Technology provides the highest capacity at the lowest refrigerant charge
  • Up to 40% reduction of total cost of ownership with the XE Models
  • On average, 60% lower refrigerant charge when compared to other evaporative condensers

Improved Reliability

  • Upgraded seismic and wind load capabilities to meet requirements in North America
  • Largest standard access doors in the industry (64” x 34”)

    Now Even Larger Oversized Access Doors

  • Welded, not bolted, Type 304 Stainless Steel basin reduces potential for leaks and increases the life of the unit (optional)
  • Coils fabricated per ASME B31.5 standards
  • Coils shipping into Canada are available with CRN
  • Scale reducing technology increases system efficiency
  • Heavy duty premium efficient motors are standard
  • Meets wind and seismic requirements of the International Building Code (IBC)

Cost Effective Installation

  • Dual air intakes allow for simple steel designs and layout flexibility
  • Half the number of coil connections save time and material on piping, welding and valves
  • Flexibility of coil connection location simplifies piping
  • Lower operating weight reduces steel sizing and lower shipping weight reduces crane sizing
  • Single fan and motor reduces wiring and controls
  • Built in rigging guides allow for fast rigging
  • Factory pre-assembled external platforms reduces installation time (optional)


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