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Low Energy Consumption

  • Evaporative condensers minimize the energy consumption of the entire system by providing lower condensing temperatures. Owners save money while conserving natural resources and reducing environmental impact.
  • VCA Evaporative Condensers provide the heat rejection required at the lowest possible energy via:
    • High efficient, low horsepower axial fans
    • Premium efficient/VFD duty motors (standard)
    • Variable Frequency Drives (Optional)
    • Multiple fan models allow for capacity staging

Low Installed Cost

  • InterLok™ System — The coil section self aligns with the basin section. This feature significantly reduces the time required to rig the VCA. Newly designed rigging ears allow for use of a single spreader bar per lift.

InterLok™ System


InterLok™ Installation

  • Support — All models mount directly on two parallel I-beams and ship complete with motors and drives factory-installed and aligned.
  • Modular Design — Large models ship in multiple sections to minimize the size and weight of the heaviest lift, allowing for the use of smaller, less costly cranes.
  • Single Point Wiring (Optional) — Single point wiring decreases installation time by routing wires, from motors (fan and pump) and options such as Vibration Cutout Switch (VCOS), Electric Water Level Control (EWLC) and basin heaters, in UL-listed conduit to a stainless steel NEMA 3R electrical box.

Easy Maintenance

  • Access Doors — Two 30” x 44” access doors are standard on side blow units and one on end blow units. This allows the interior of the unit to be easily accessed for adjusting the float valve, cleaning the strainer or flushing the basin. A large hinged internal partition door and an external door step are standard on all side blow units.

Access Door

  • BranchLok™ Removal System — Water distribution branch removal system that requires no tools.
  • Hygienic Cold Water Basin — The cold water basin is sloped to eliminate stagnant water and reduce biological growth. Additionally, the suction strainer is easily removed to simplify maintenance.
  • Fan Motors — The fan motors for the VCA are mounted in a horizontal position on an adjustable base. To aid belt tensioning and changing, the base is easily adjusted by turning one large nut.

Long Service Life

  • Materials of Construction Various materials are available to meet the corrosion resistance and budgetary requirements of any project.
  • IBC Compliance VCA Evaporative Condensers are designed to meet requirements of the 2006 International Building Code (IBC). Specifically, a unit was shake table tested at an independent lab in accordance with AC 156. Tests were conducted before and after testing to verify functionality and certify the use of VCA Evaporative Condensers in applications where the Component Importance Factor is 1.5. The standard unit can be verified up to an SDS of 1.4g which covers most US seismic applications. In addition, VCA Evaporative Condensers have been designed to withstand wind loads of 30 psf or higher.

IBC Compliant Condenser

Reliable Year Round Operation

  • Powerband Belts — The fans, motor, and drive system are located outside of the moist discharge airstream, protecting them from moisture, condensation and icing. Backed by a 5-year fan drive and motor warranty, these units are suitable for year round operation.
  • Bearings — Minimum L10 bearing life of 94,000 hours delivers years of trouble free service.
  • Nozzles — The most technologically advanced nozzle design in the industry ensures the coil is completely wetted thereby delivering optimum heat transfer.
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