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The low sound levels generated by BAC products make them suitable for installation in most environments. Axial fan units such as the VCA Evaporative Condensers can meet the sound requirements of most installations. To evaluate whether an axial fan unit can be applied on a particular application, follow these steps to minimize the impact of sound on the environment. These suggestions are ordered with regard to the impact they will have on cost.

  • Position the quietest side of the equipment towards the sound sensitive direction. VCA models have a single air inlet and therefore have an inherently quiet “blankoff” panel (the panel opposite the air inlet) that can insulate sensitive areas from higher sound levels.
  • Provide a method of capacity control. Capacity control will allow the fan to run at lower speeds when loads are lighter or the wet-bulb is lower. These lower speeds are often sufficient to provide the scheduled capacity at night, when sound requirements are the most stringent.
  • Barrier walls can be constructed to prevent sound transmission to sensitive areas.

Contact your local Representative or use our Product Selection software for sound data on VCA Evaporative Condensers.
For more information regarding sound, click here.

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