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Custom Features & Options
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Innovative Design Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else but BAC

1. EC Fan System, $68,0000 Lifetime Savings

Simple design for lowest maintenance, easiest access and maximum efficiency, this system includes single-stage axial fans and  variable-speed EC motors. There is no transmission to maintain!

2. Largest Access Door, $20,000 Lifetime Maintenance Savings

The largest access door (68” H x 20” W) is also the safest with a sturdy step and safety handle. It’s easy for a 6.5’ tall person to enter and exit for service. (2nd door optional)

3. Basin, $6,000 Lifetime Maintenance Savings

The falling water on the high step of the basin causes turbulence and reduces cleaning requirements. The lower water volume reduces chemical and water volume by up to 30%.

4. Factory Pre-Assembled Platforms with Perimeter Handrails (Optional), $2,000 Savings Per Cell

Easy-to-install design for contractors and owners looking to reduce the cost of installation and ensure on-time commissioning. Safely inspect the nozzles across the entire unit with platforms at an ergonomic height.

5. Internal Walkway, $20,000 Lifetime Maintenance Savings

Stay dry while safely inspecting the basin with a sturdy internal walkway.

6. TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System & EVERTOUGH™ Construction (Optional), $270,000 Lifetime Savings Per Cell

Superior material options increase reliability, corrosion resistance, and longevity; 5-year leak-free warranty and seamless basins allow for higher cycles of concentration, save water and reduce chemical usage.

7. BranchLok™ Removal System

No tools required to remove or  inspect spray branches and nozzles, reducing maintenance costs. Faster cleaning makes peak energy efficiency easier to sustain.

8. BALTIDRIVE® Power Train (Optional) $30,000 Lifetime Maintenance Savings

Reduce maintenance costs and maximize uptime with BAC’s belt-driven independent fan system. It’s the most serviceable, most robust, and most reliable in the industry.

For additional custom features and options, click here.

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