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Custom Features & Options
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Innovative Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else but BAC

1. Dry Finned Coil

$78,000 Lifetime Savings Per Cell
Contributes to 70% water reduction, up to 25% less maintenance,  70% chemical savings,  and helps minimize plume.

2. Prime Surface Coil

Optimizes water and energy savings in combination with the dry finned coil.

3. BALTIDRIVE® Power Train

Superior corrosion-resistant materials and state-of-the-art technology that requires only periodic inspection of components and belt tensioning.

4. Combined Inlet Shields

$24,000 Lifetime Savings Per Cell
Blocks sunlight and debris to reduce accelerated growth  of algae on the fill.

5. Redundant Pumps (Optional)

Eliminates downtime with factory-supplied valves, allowing service or replacement of one pump while the other remains in operation.

6. Factory Assembled Platforms and Ladders (Optional)

$2,400 Savings Per Cell
Reduces the cost of installation while ensuring on-time commissioning and allows operators to safely inspect the nozzles while the unit is in operation.

7. EVERTOUGH™ Construction (Optional)

Combines the most advanced corrosion-resistant materials to withstand extremely adverse water conditions. Materials include a TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System cold water basin, stainless steel submerged components, thermosetting hybrid polymer on wet/dry areas and a PVC water distribution system. This is all backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

8. TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System (Optional)

Provides a unique 3-layer barrier over G-235 galvanized steel to form a completely seamless corrosion-resistant cold water basin, ensuring long lasting durability.

Combined Flow Technology

Combines parallel air and water paths to reduce scale build up and ensure peak system energy efficiency.

Crossflow Design

$24,000 Lifetime Savings Per Cell
Easier accessibility reduces maintenance and operating costs which helps ensure peak system energy efficiency.

For additional custom features and options, click here.

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