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Nexus™ Modular Hybrid Cooler Bookmark and Share

Innovative Design Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else but BAC


1. hCore™ Heat Transfer Technology

Using a highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel alloy, BAC’s patented hCore™ Heat Transfer Technology provides unmatched thermal performance, exceptional reliability, and long life in an incredibly compact package.

2. Diamond Clear Design

The patent-pending DiamondClear™ Design is a water-management system which provides continuous self-cleaning, significantly cutting water basin maintenance costs by reducing scale build-up and biological growth. It can also help eliminate the need for traditional water treatment.

3. EC Fan System

Simple design for lowest maintenance, easy access and maximum efficiency, this system includes a direct-drive radial fan and a variable-speed EC motor.

4.  iPilot™ Control System

BAC’s innovative iPilot™ Control System with patent-pending, embedded intelligence minimizes operating cost by effectively balancing water and energy savings based on your needs and preferences.

5. Modular Design

Its flexible, robust design is ideal for indoor applications and confined layouts. The lightweight, compact modules can easily be maneuvered with a pallet jack and fit into most freight elevators.


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