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TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser
TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser Bookmark and Share

Combining the best of wet and dry cooling, the TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser optimizes energy and water savings for the commercial and industrial refrigeration industries. It was the first adiabatic condenser in the U.S. and has the most installations worldwide.

Maximize Energy Savings for Commercial Refrigeration Applications

The TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser is always the best heat rejection solution compared to a traditional air-cooled condenser. It automatically optimizes water and energy savings while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership with easy maintenance.

Maximize Water Savings for Industrial Refrigeration Applications

Evaporative condensers are the industry standard energy efficient option for your refrigeration system. For those looking to maximize water savings while still saving energy, the TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser is the solution for you.

Minimize Carbon Emissions with Natural CO2 Cooling in Any Climate

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