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Ownership Benefits

In a variety of climate conditions, the TrilliumSeries™ Condenser provides the lowest total cost of ownership compared to air
cooled units.

  • Installation Advantages
    • 60% lower refrigerant charge may help meet EPA’s Greenchill Certification
    • Compact and lighter in weight
    • Single point electrical connection
    • Direct drive VSEC motors and Whisper Quiet Fans are standard
    • For new stores, reduces overall system size by operating at lower condensing temperatures
    • Exempt from Title 24 legislation
    • For refrigeration upgrades, increases system capacity without changing out expensive racks
  • Economic Advantages
    • Attractive payback timeframes
    • Lower total cost of ownership

      Average Payback Period by Region

      Notes for the Average Payback by Region Graph:
      1. Average payback periods based on current analyses performed. Specific payback periods vary. Utility prices (electricity, water, etc) vary by state and system details vary by job.
      2. Northeast region includes MA, MD, CT, DC, NJ, NY, PA, RI.
      3. Midwest region includes MN, MO.
      4. Southwest region includes LA, TX, Southern CA.
      5. Northwest region includes Northern CA, OR, and UT.

System Energy Savings Reduce Monthly Energy Bills

  • Reduced condensing temperature
  • Less compressor work
  • Direct drive VSEC motors minimize fan energy required

    Annual 37.2% System Energy Reduction for El Paso, Texas

Peak Energy Savings

  • Up to 43.5% peak energy reduction compared to air cooled units by operating compressors at significantly lower condensing temperatures
    • Peak energy is more expensive than off peak energy
    • Reduces peak demand charges
    • Potential for substantial state and local energy rebates

      Average Peak Energy Reduction %kW by State


Most states offer utility incentives and rebates which further decrease the initial investment of the TrilliumSeries™ Condenser.

Type of Rebate Example based on
Custom Custom Measures and Retro-commissioning:
$0.11/kWh saved up to 75% of incremental cost
Refrigeration • Refrigeration Equipment: $35-$1000/unit
• Air Conditioning and Refrigeration: $0.09 – $0.15/kWh saved
VFDs on Fan Motors or Other Controls • Variable Frequency Drives: $80/HP
• Refrigeration Controls: $75-$100/Controller is a website with information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Established in 1995 and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, DSIRE is an ongoing project of the N.C. Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

For custom rebates, an analysis of the overall system energy savings from air cooled to the TrilliumSeries™ Condenser may be necessary and is available from Baltimore Aircoil Company.

Optional Built-in Energy Tracking / Alarms

  • Optional alarms for the fans, pumps and valves reduce high head pressure instances
  • Optional energy monitoring maintains efficient operation over the life of the product

On-Demand Adiabatic™ Pre-Cooler

  • Water is used ONLY when the ambient temperatures require it
    • Water spray saturates and cleans the On-Demand Adiabatic™ Pre-Cooler media of any dust and debris
  • No water treatment is required
  • Free draining prevents stagnant water
  • LEED® Points available for water efficient landscaping (WE credit 1) based on 2009 LEED for Retail and Commercial Interior rating system
    • Water from the drain and overflow can be used for irrigation or other non-potable uses
  • Controls Options
    • Water Quality Sensor (Option) – Flushes the sump based on a factory preset conductivity level to minimize water use.
    • Water Monitoring (Option) – This option monitors the amount of purged water and maintains efficient operation over the life of the product.

      Average Annual Water Use Compared to Evaporative Condensers

Low Sound

  • Whisper Quiet Fans are standard
  • Direct drive VSEC fan motors vary the fan speed eliminating sudden starts and stops

    Sound Levels

    Sound Levels

Easy Maintenance

  • Requires the same time to maintain as an air cooled condenser
  • Water treatment is not required
    • Water is turned on only when ambient temperature requires it
    • Water spray saturates and cleans the On-Demand Adiabatic™ Pre-Cooler media of any dust and debris
  • On-Demand Adiabatic™ Pre-Cooler media acts as a filter to prevent debris from reaching the microchannel
    • Can be removed without tools for easy coil inspection
  • Clean-out ports on both ends of water distribution header facilitate easy cleaning
  • The EcoFlex Controls maintain a clean sump
  • Pump and strainer are easily accessible from the access hatch

    Easy Access to Pumps and Valves

    Easy Access to Pumps and Valves

Charge Reduction

  • 60% less charge than comparable air cooled condensers
  • Reduced charge could help meet EPA’s Greenchill commitments
  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions of the supermarket refrigeration system

    Unit Refrigerant Charge Reduction

Peace of Mind

  • All units are equipped with state of the art EcoFlex controls, On-Demand Adiabatic™ Pre-Cooler, and daily automatic sump clean out
  • Critical components are stocked and ship within 24-hours
  • Manual discrete spray system (water bypass) standard

    Discrete Spray System

  • Durable materials of construction extend the life of the unit
  • Sump and drain pans drain freely
  • Ability to switch fans from automatic to manual fan override in case of control signal loss
  • Access hatch sensor shuts off the fan when the hatch is opened
  • UL Approved unit
  • Coated microchannel independently tested per G85-A4 for 3,000+ hours
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