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CO2 Applications
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Benefits of CO2 Refrigeration

  • No regulatory liability or restrictions
  • No expensive future retrofits due to refrigerant phase out
  • Reduced system carbon footprint with global warming potential of “1” and ozone depleting potential of “0”
  • Low installed cost due to lower refrigerant prices and no refrigerant tax

With an estimated  9,000+ European food retail stores using CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems, their application is constantly expanding to other countries including Canada and the Northern part of the United States. Energy efficient, economical refrigeration systems are normally limited to colder climates due to the limitations of air cooled gas coolers.

However, by using the TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser’s unique adiabatic design, restrictions due to warmer climates have been eliminated and additional energy is being saved in cooler ones.



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