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EcoFlex Controls
TrilliumSeries™ Condenser Bookmark and Share

The TrilliumSeries™ Condenser is furnished standard with state of the art EcoFlex Controls that provide efficient year round performance. Each unit is shipped with custom controls logic that reduces energy consumption and optimizes water usage. The system is pre-programmed and ready to operate upon arrival from the factory.

BAC also provides troubleshooting for EcoFlex Controls. Call 410.799.6222, Option 4 for all controls warranty support.

EcoFlex Controls Logic Features

  • Energy Monitoring – Measures the energy use of the TrilliumSeries™ Condenser and verifies efficient operation over the life of the equipment.
  • Water Monitoring – Measures the water use and maintains efficient operation of the unit.
  • Alarms – Signals provided for fans, pumps, or valves to reduce instances of high system head pressure.
  • Communications Cards – Allows for seamless integration over Modbus and BACnet to monitor all system components in a single location.
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