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EcoFlex Controls
TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Products Bookmark and Share

BAC’s exclusive Ecoflex™ Controls allow for the TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Products to operate in the mode of operation specific for your job conditions, without you having to think about it. Each unit is shipped from the factory with your specific climate conditions and preferences in mind.

Setting Definition Time Benefits
Forced Dry Setting Automatically forces the unit into Dry Mode. Once a day, 2-4 hours Promotes the best hygiene in humid climates

Increased Pre-Cooler Pad life

Self-Clean Cycle Reverses the fans and blows dirt and debris off the coil and the Pre-Cooler Pads. Water rinses the pads, piping, and basin and is flushed from the unit.

Self-Clean Cycle

Self-Clean Cycle

Once a day, 3 minutes Minimizes maintenance

Maintains hygiene

No water treatment required

Maintains peak energy performance of coil

Additional Options Definition Time Benefits
Water Monitoring Package Part of Cleansing Circulation, this package is available to further minimize and monitor water usage 1-6 times per day Further minimize and monitor water usage
Auto Discrete Package Provides a backup water system for the adiabatic cooling in case of component failure, triggering a back up water supply and alarm 1-6 times per day Redundancy and backup, Automatic backup

Three Ways to Optimize Operation

  • Standard Logic (Default) – The controller will start the Pre-Cooler Mode at a preset outside air temperature to increase the
    unit’s capacity and efficiency.
  • Water Saver Logic – The controller will optimize the unit’s dry efficiency and only use water when the conditions require
    the extra cooling capacity. Pre-Cooler Mode will be initiated only when the outside air temperature is above the switch point and the refrigeration load is high.
  • Energy Saver Logic – The controller will optimize its sequence so that the least amount of energy is consumed to meet the present load of the unit. Pre-Cooler Mode will be initiated at 10 degrees below the switch point and if the refrigeration load is moderate or high.
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