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Style Guide

H1 – The title of the page

This image is floating to the left and 400px wide
This image is floating to the left and 400px wide

H2 – Here is descriptive text, generally the first paragraph.

The image to the left is set to align left and is 400px wide. This is the standard for the first image on the product landing page

H3 – This is an h3 and it should be used before all major sections.

These may be wrapped in <a name=”anchor title”></a>.

H4 – Here is a subtitle to a section.

Paragraph – Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin sodales, ipsum ac blandit sollicitudin, massa enim imperdiet est, sit amet rutrum elit velit a leo. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.


How to use lists

  • Bold titles – Typically the first few words of a list element have a title, use the strong tag.
  • LinksHere is a sample link.
  • Indenting – List can be indented to make sublists and ordered lists can nested.
  • Lists and images
    1. When a list appears after a floated image, ensure that the ‘BR’ button is used.
    2. This can be found next to the ‘CFORMS’ button in the toolbar above.
    3. This adds a line break that clears the float and allows the formatting to remain attractive.
    4. There will be many situations where an image precedes a list.  Do not apply an alignment to the image.

Handling images and lists

This image is floating left, 150px wide
This picture is set to ‘align none’ and is 400px wide
  1. Insert the image
  2. Set width to 400px
  3. Add caption
  4. Make sure alignment is set to none
  5. If floating an image is necessary, such as an image followed by a paragraph, then make sure to use the ‘BR’ button immediately after the last paragraph, before the list.


Image followed by a paragraph and then by a list

This image is floating left, 150px wide
This image is floating left, 150px wide

Note – Make sure you click the ‘BR’ button and type in ‘Line Break’ after this paragraph.

  • Start by adding your H4 title
  • Insert the image and set to ‘align left’ and scale the size to 400px wide
  • Add your paragraph after the image
  • Select the ‘BR’ button and type ‘Line Break’
  • Add your list items