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Sales Representative User Registration

Registration for The Loop with Sales Representative Access

Below is the registration form for The Loop with sales representative access. With sales representative access to The Loop, web resources specifically designed for BAC’s sales offices are made available via the Sales Representative Gateway. This includes BAC Connect, BAC’s quotation and order entry system.

The user name and password you choose below are temporary, although the other account information you enter will be retained.  If you already have an account in The Loop, please log in before completing this form.  An existing or new account in The Loop is required for this registration.

After registering, you will receive via e-mail a replacement user name and password for The Loop with sales representative access.  New sales representative users are set up weekly.  If you register on or before Tuesday, your replacement user name and password for The Loop, with sales representative access, will be emailed to you on or before Friday.

One resource requires an additional registration — the Baltigear store. A link to sign up for this resource is available in the Sales Representative Gateway.

If you have any questions, contact the Software Support Team at

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